Framing images

Framing images is one of the fundamental rules of composition in landscape photography along with the rule of thirds and the diagonal lines. This “rule” can be helpful for the fledgling photographers. What framing images means? In photography a frame is an object placed within your image that frames the main subject of your photo like a picture frame.

This technique aims not only to highlight the main subject of your photograph but also to add some creativity touch to the composition of your photograph. Usually, this frame could be a doorway, a rock, an arch (like in my photo on the left), a window or a tree, for example.

By using a frame in your photo you get at least three results.

Framing images

First of all, frame adds depth of field to your photograph, especially in your landscape photos. The viewer gets the feeling he’s looking at something that is almost 3D. By framing the image correctly you force the same viewer to see at the center of your photo. Second, framing images add some context or meaning to your photo and turn it from a flat one to something more appealing. Third, frame, if correctly chosen, can help you to tell a story through your photo.

More samples of framing images in my travel photo gallery.

Stefano Politi Markovina