Nik Collection

A good news for all Nik Collection fans came today from DxO, one of the most innovative companies in consumer imaging. DxO has acquired Nik Collection assets from Google, and plans to continue to develop the Collection for the benefit of the photographer community. DxO didn’t mention if the Collection will be still available for free as it was when Google purchased it a few years ago. Anyway, the Collection is available for free download from DxO website. Here’s DxO‘s press release which announces the Nik Collection acquisition from Google.

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Adjusting individual areas with Photoshop

Camera Raw (by Adobe Photoshop) allows you to make localized corrections to your photos quite easily, which means adjusting individual areas with Photoshop. Particularly, Camera Raw is equipped with several adjustment tools. As a sample I will use this image of a beach near the worldwide famous Golden Gate suspension bridge in San Francisco (USA). This photo has two specific areas that need absolutely two different adjustments: the sky must be darker and possibly with more vivid colors and the rocks in the foreground should be brighter and punchier.

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Nikon D850

Nikon Corporation announced today the release of the Nikon D850, a FX-format digital SLR camera that optimizes the combination of high resolution and high-speed performance to set the standard for next-generation full-frame cameras for professional photographers and serious hobbyists across landscape, commercial sports, fashion and wedding genres, and multimedia content. Development of the D850 was already announced by Nikon last July 25.

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Romantic RoadThe economically prosperous southern side of Germany is also a land of the internationally well know German stereotypes: big men wearing Lederhosen, historical beer halls where rivers of genuine and tempting craft beer flow unceasingly, never ending lanes of colourful houses that seem to come out of a Hänse-and-Gretel fairy tale and the heaviest Baroque style churches you may find out on earth.

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Separate screening for cameras in airports requested by TSAAmerican and international photographers are going to experience an even more tedious experience if they fly to or within the USA. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) just announced that all electronics larger than a cell phone need to be placed into a bin for separate screening as part of a rollout of new, stronger screening procedures for carry-on items. This means that also your camera inside the backpack or bag you intend to bring with you on board of the plane must be pull out of and place it inside a bin for X-ray screening while passing through the standard security lanes.

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