rome photo gallery

Rome photo gallery

Rome is the most fascinating city in the world. I have no doubt. Its astonishing artistic heritage can not rival with any other place on earth. 

The Italian capital is an incredible urban result of 3,000 years made up of layers of history and artistic development. Epicenter of the Roman Empire and then home of papacy, Rome is a city awash with priceless and wonderful artistic treasures under your eyes at every street corner.

The iconic Coliseum, the Roman Forum you see shining at sunset from the Capitoline Hill till the beauty of the squares adorned by Bernini’s fountains and an incredible multitude of baroque churches and romanic basilicas plenty of Michelangelo’s sculptures or rich canvases of Raphael and Caravaggio. A city where even a small church becomes a (free) art museum inside.

Shooting in Rome is always a pleasure for your eyes. Even more in times of covid with so few tourists around in the streets and almost empty high-class hotels with gorgeous views over some of the best sightseeing in town.

I just back from a fruitful shooting in the Italian capital with plenty of photos and memories from the trip, including an unpleasant adventure at the end of a twilight shooting on the banks of Tiber river next to the famous Castel Sant’Angelo bridge. A stray dog, probably belonging to one of the many homeless people living down there, bit my elbow. My planned end of the day in my favorite Roman trattoria located near Temple of Hadrian in front of a superlative plate of cacio e pepe pasta totally vanished as I had to run to the nearest emergency room.

An adventure with a happy ending by the way.

Photographer’s life is not always as smooth sailing as many people thought. Enjoy my Rome photo gallery.

Stefano Politi Markovina