new york photo gallery

New York photo gallery

New York is the most photographed city in the world. Surprised? Despite all the plenty of images of the Big Apple you normally see on the web, newspapers or magazines, there’s always hunger for new images of New York all over the world. 

No wonder about it. New York could not be beaten as the undisputed capital of the world in many regards, though is not even capital of its country, the USA. From Wall Street’s high finance to some of the most famous art museums in the world, like MoMa or the Met, from the stunning and iconic architecture of its skyscrapers and bridges to its incomparable street life, it’s all here in New York.

Every single corner of this American metropolis truly offers plenty of photographic opportunities. Yellow cabs, one way street signs, the Empire State Building, the changing color trees of Central Park in autumn, Times Square’s night lights, just to name a few iconic samples. You can spend weeks in the Big Apple and still keep shooting different photos every day. You never get bored of this huge and unique urban photographic laboratory.

There’s always something new to shoot in this amazing city. New innovative architecture adds to the urban skyline increase your New York photo gallery. The stunning Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus transportation terminal hub, for example. The new Hudson Yards’ real estate development complex with the amazing Vessel honeycomb-like modern structure or the new floating Little Island park on Hudson River.

New York has many virtues and you can really feel the energy this metropolis offers in every its single square meter. That’s why I am always extremely happy whenever I have a flight ticket with the Big Apple as destination in my hand.

Enjoy my New York photo gallery. 

Stefano Politi Markovina