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Event photography in Valencia

Talking about event photography in Valencia, this Spanish city is more and more a remarkable destination for event photography. Every year, important local and international events are held in Valencia. 

Last week I was commissioned for an event photo shoot in Valencia by a British event management company. It was the second time I was charged by them for an event photo session in Valencia this year. I was pleased about that.

Corporate event photography is quite challenging. Photographers who are attracted by event photography ask me for suggestions to get closer and start this new photographic “adventure”.

A captivating event photography is absolutely vital for the company to effectively market the event. This means, the client or the company who charges you for the event photo session is expecting a quality’s work. In order to deliver a professional service, remember always to ask a lot of questions to the client. Ask about the event you are going to shoot for him: a conference, a presentation during a fair trade or award ceremony.

In my case, the object of this event photo shoot in Valencia was shooting the booths of an international company, people working in, a product’s presentation, participants interacting among them.


I asked the client which kind of images needed and how he was planning to use the photos. This latest thing is very important.

Images can be used for printed magazines, general advertisement purpose, a poster or for social media posts. Each of them, requires a different kind of photo and a different composition in shooting it. If due for a poster, for example, the image should be a high resolution one. Possibly, it should be shot with a low ISO value in order to reduce the grain in the image when enlarged.

Differently, if the image is for Instagram, then, I already know I will have to shoot wider so they can crop in later. When I shoot at the venue, I give great importance to the image composition by applying the rule of thirds when needed. This, in order to create a composition that is more interesting to the eye.

Also, is important to know what to include and what not in the image. Exclude unwanted advertisements, trademarks or rival brands of other booths next to the one you are shooting in. Always, I try to be discrete with my camera when I come to shooting images of people interacting at the conference or, in this case, during the presentation of a product.


Another important factor for a successful event photo session is shooting from creative angles. For example, during this corporate event photo session in Valencia,  I found something to climb on and picking my Nikon camera up right above my head, I shot photos of people interacting inside the booth in order to have a higher perspective.

These are only quite a few provided guidelines to let you an idea of how event photography works. Obviously, by having the chance to start with a photo session for a conference or shooting normal activities during a fair trade, you’ll learn more tips by yourself or by other photographers. All this will contribute to increase your skills in this photographic field. 

Stefano Politi Markovina