Photo shoot at Eroica Caffè in Barcelona

Eroica Caffè BarcelonaToday, I realised a photo shoot in Barcelona for the inauguration of the Eroica Caffè. This is the second Eroica Caffè to be opened after the original one in Gaiole in Chianti, Tuscany (Italy) and more will probably be opened in the world in the near future. The name of Eroica Caffè is linked to the famous L’Eroica annual non-competitive cycling event created in 1997 by Giancarlo Brocci which takes place in the unpaved roads of the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

The event, which attracts bikers from all over the world, is a fantastic celebration of the golden age of classical cycling and is open to all cyclists owning a vintage bike made in 1987 or earlier with the following typical features of racing bikes used until the 1980s: steel frame, downtube shifters, external wires and pedals with toe straps.

The cafe is run by Graciela and Miguel. They both met in Barcelona, the city where their lives and passion for cycling got intertwined. Both were fascinated by discovering the L’Eroica cycling event and the got fascinated by the beauty of fatigue and thrill of conquest along with their common passion for genuine food and good friends around. That’s why Graciela and Miguel decided to open a a meeting point for cyclists of all ages in a vintage and friendly environment but also a place for attracting all those who have not yet fallen in love with this sport.

The photo shoot at Eroica Caffè gave me the opportunity to discover an original and lovely place located in the heart of the Eixample district where Italian fresh taste and flavor along with old bikes, cycling memorabilia and books, invite you to rediscover an almost forgotten age where pace of life was more human, authentic and sociable.