Southwest USA photo gallery

Southwest USA photo galleryWhen it comes to travel the call of the west always fascinated me with dreaming about an iconic road trip under the great open skies of the Western American landscapes. At the end, my dream came true last month through an unforgettable three-week journey that led me to discover fantastic and unique landscapes across the Southwest of USA.

During my trip I explored magnificent canyons, breathtaking lookouts, red-rock deserts rolling off toward the horizon, neon-signed motor courts and diners out of business along the iconic Route 66, glowing sunsets and so much loneliness around me.
Not many countries have so much natural beauty like USA. Not many countries may claim colorful, alive and spectacular desert landscapes made of severe cliffs, spectacular canyons, miraculous geological formations, natural rocky arches and abysses eroded by rivers. During my journey I learnt to enjoy the wild beauty of the American desert and appreciate also its solitude and its vastness made of silent and touching horizons.

French philosopher Jean Baudrillard once wrote: The grandeur of deserts derives from their being, in their aridity, the negative of the earth’s surface and of our civilized humours. They are places where humours and fluids become rarefied, where the air is so pure that the influence of the stars descends direct from the constellations. From Los Angeles to Arizona, from Utah to San Francisco. The 4,973-km on the road journey I made in three weeks sounded to me like a breathtaking and irresistible call of the west. A journey I can still dream about through tonnes of images shot on the way. Enjoy this Southwest USA photo gallery.