Barcelona personal photographer

Barcelona personal photographerIf you have chosen Barcelona as your pleasure, engagement, surprise proposal or honey moon destination, think about hiring me as your personal photographer in Barcelona.

By doing so you’ll get the opportunity to keep the best memories of your staying in Barcelona and bring back a classy photo service to remember your vacation in one of the most beautiful and vibrant European cities!

As a pro photographer in Barcelona, I organize a tailored, affordable and high quality photographic service exclusively realized for yourself. I offer a 1 or 2-hour personalized photo shoot in the most scenic and picturesque places of Barcelona. I will take care about catching your best moments while you are exploring the Gothic Quarter district or the picturesque Park Güell or the charming Horta’s Labyrinth in order to create a professional photographic story of your staying in Barcelona.

If you are looking for different locations just let me know which places in town you want to be part of your photo session and I will organize a personalized itinerary for you.

The photo shooting includes a professional editing of 25 to 50 selected images in high resolution .jpg format. 

Click here to know prices and further details about how you can hire me as your vacation photographer in Barcelona.

Barcelona Photowalk

Since 2012, Barcelona Photowalk is the only day or night photography tour and workshop run by a professional photographer and aimed to enthusiast photographers visiting Barcelona, one of the world’s most exciting destinations.

By exploring this vibrant and cosmopolitan city with Barcelona Photo Walk, participant beginner or intermediate photographers will improve the knowledge of their camera settings and also learn how taking creative images about places they will see in town. Advanced photographers will enjoy some original shots.

During the Barcelona photo tour, I unveil the most relevant photographic techniques to participants while they explore the hidden and pretty corners of the picturesque old town and teach them how transmitting emotions and story telling into their photos.

Think of participating to a Barcelona night photo tour if you wish to discover an even more intimate, different and more picturesque Barcelona. A tripod is definitely recommended for this kind of photo tour.

Visit my Barcelona Photowalk website to know further information on my photo tours, prices, itinerary and how to book them.

A few images shot by participants to my Barcelona Photowalk.