Barcelona Before Sunrise exclusive photo tour

Barcelona exclusive photo tourBarcelona Before Sunrise is an exclusive photo tour I just set up in Barcelona. This one and half hour photo tour takes place in the historical and lovely Gothic Quarter district located in the old town. The photo tour is mainly aimed to enthusiast and professional photographers who want to explore and discover the most iconic and picturesque corners of Gothic Quarter just before sunrise when the old town is not filled yet with people and tourists.

Gothic Quarter is the medieval heart of Barcelona. With all its medieval streets lined with historical buildings and tranquil small plazas that conceal many atmospheric angles to shoot photos, Gothic Quarter has really plenty of character. Even more before sunrise when the lights are still on in the streets and you can hear the echoes of your footsteps amplify in the empty streets.

By participating to this exclusive photo tour, photographers will have the opportunity to shoot images of the local iconic sightseeing such as the marvelous gothic-style Cathedral of Santa Eulalia with its soaring bell towers or the elegant Plaza Real main square just to name two popular locations. In addition to major sights, participant photographers to the exclusive photo tour will explore also all those streets, alleyways, almost 1000-year old fountains and small medieval square that make Gothic Quarter such a unique place to shoot lovely photos. 

During the Barcelona Before Sunrise photo tour, participant photographers will learn from a professional photographer about some tips and suggestions on night photography, the best angles to shoot images of places they will visit, the best camera settings for getting successful photos and how to apply the general rules of photographing cityscapes and the buildings and spaces within. Definitely, a tripod is recommended for this exclusive photo tour in Barcelona. The photo tour will end in a Gothic Quarter’s cafe where we’ll finally relax in front of a warm cup of cafe con leche and talk about the images we will have shot.

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Be ready to live an unforgettable photographic experience in one of the most beautiful European cities by joining me to the Barcelona Before Sunrise exclusive photo tour.