Yosemite photo gallery

Yosemite photo galleryThe worst snowstorm in a decade followed by deep blue skies and icy weather helped me to discover and shoot images of the unrivalled and unbeatable splendors of Yosemite, one of the oldest and most amazing US national parks.

The severe profile of Half Dome, the hulking presence of El Capitan reflected magically into the frozen river, the snowy trees in a magically silent winter landscape, the beauty of red clouds at sunset, a lonely wooden chapel lost in a white forest. It is simply amazing how many natural beauties are packed in just one sight declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO and became worldwide famous through the black and white photographs of Ansel Adams, the North America’s foremost landscape photographer.

Luckily, both well below zero temperatures and low season kept the usual and noisy crowds of tourists away so that I could fully enjoy all those unforgettable sights and the breathtaking grandeur of this national park. Fighting the big freeze, my Nikon thought about storing almost all the deep visual memories experienced in my two-day staying in this small white heaven on earth. The only one my camera missed was surely the most intense one: a close up meet with a wolf on a snowy path close to Yosemite village!
Enjoy my Yosemite photo gallery.